A New Comrade!

Hey Hey! I know I said the last time that I was hibernating and I’d be more regular with my posts, that I won’t make you wait this long…. And I didn’t keep my promise! Sorry! Give me another chance, please oh please? I will keep you engaged with killer posts, I swear, really, no looking back this time!
So, here it is, I have something quite exciting to tell you! I met someone, someone that makes me excited to wake up early in the morning, thrice a week. Yeah, early and morning in the same sentence is coming from me, unbelievable isn’t it? This someone is absolutely refreshing, absolutely breathtaking! You’re trying to imagine a handsome face, a physique, beautiful eyes, lustrous hair, aren’t you? Well, this someone is a little more than that! This someone is my new comrade and its called ‘YOGA’! (Gotcha! 😉 )

As a growing child and a teenager, I was constantly advised to go for yoga because I developed asthma at the age of 11. They’d say yoga will rid you of your wheezing, allergies and asthma, it will all go out the window. Frankly, I never believed in it, I was never convinced of it. Though I wasn’t convinced, I gave in and tried YOGA while I was in college. To begin with, I am not a morning person at all! I just don’t function in the morning, a proud night owl, you see! So, this yoga class I took was at 6 am in the morning and I’d struggle out of bed around 5.15 am to make it on time. I despised every second of the class, and often I’d be dosing off in between Aasanas. Obviously, I didn’t continue that class. That was my first encounter with yoga, that everyone so reassuringly promised would be fruitful. Honestly, I will admit that I never gave it a chance. I didn’t go with faith, I went with a mouthful of curses and groggy, sleepy eyes. Nothing works like that, right? Well, that was the younger me!

Recently, as I was fighting several battles within me, I felt I should give yoga another chance. It wasn’t like I thought it on Monday and went for class on Wednesday. No! It wasn’t a cake walk for me. I inquired about class and the timings around July, I guess. I told myself, first let’s just try and wake up in the morning. I failed, miserably and so I kept pushing the class away. I’d tell myself, Hema, next week you will show up. Next week! (Yeah, I talk to myself, I think it’s a very cool thing :D) Hand on my heart, this next week hadn’t come until the end of August. But but, September began and I showed up for my first class on 11th September, 2017! Yay, Eureka moment! So, I met my new comrade on 11th September, 2017 on the 12th floor! ( I kid you not, the view from this floor, is bliss! I love the morning sun peeping in, the view of the Chembur-Sion Trombay road and a slight overview of the freeway!)

At first, it all seemed alien to me, the instructions, the mat, the stretches, everything. But it felt fresh, like roses in a garden. Honestly, sometimes, the instructions are still alien to me. I never say it out loud but I have a major right left confusion, I tend to do the reverse when someone says right leg and left hand! Yeah, that’s just me! (Hides her face). 

Slowly, as days progressed, I began to enjoy class and developed a love-hate relationship with the Friday circuit. I began to enjoy waking up in the morning, I began to appreciate my body. This is coming from someone who’d self body shame to now loving my body, embracing every curve! So, my new comrade, YOGA, has been a pleasure to meet, know and experience!

A few things that YOGA taught me:

Breathe: Whatever it is, pain, happiness, anger, anxiety, just breathe. It’s all about breathing well, acknowledging your breath and being thankful for it!

You get better: There isn’t anything like you can’t. Just keep at it, do it till your best capacity, eventually you get better.

Stay grounded: It ensures you stay grounded. Actually, sort of cuts your ego nice and hard. You could be a CEO of a company, a Rock star breathing stardom, but that one aasana, one stretch, could challenge your every bone and muscle!

Core strength: Its all about building core strength. On the outside there could be a million things you show, but its all about the strength within.

My favorite core strength exercise is the elbow plank! (Ever tried it? Quite a task it is!) 

I’d like to thank my trainer Dhwani Vira, (who is of course fit as a fiddle), for being patient, firm and excellent at what she does day after day!
So, now you know my new comrade! Would you like to give YOGA a shot too? If you’ve been considering it, I’d say go for it!
If you have any experiences or learning to share from your encounter with YOGA, feel free to do so in the comments below.

Happy YOGAing!





Kabir- The Artist: A Monologue

Hey Hey Folks! I know, I know! It’s been a long time I wrote a post and you thought I disappeared. Well, the good news is, I didn’t. Let’s just say, I was hibernating for a bit. Okay?
So, Here I am today, with an urge to try something that I haven’t tried before. It is my first attempt at a monologue and I have decided to put it up as a blog post. I have just gone ahead and given it a shot. Please do read and share your views…

My first Monologue:

Character sketch:

Kabir is a 17 year old and is the younger son to his parents. His elder brother is a pilot, but to his parents he is a failure. They wanted him to be a scientist, but alas. His parents still have hope that Kabir will be that brilliant child, who will fulfill their dreams! Now, Kabir loves his parents and would do anything for them! His father has always been an inspiration to him. But, as he stands at the crossroads to choose his subject for graduation, there is a burning, unsettling conflict rising inside him. He has been fighting it, but he can’t anymore! Kabir has a dream, and he wants to chase it. He is a sincere, hardworking, honest and emotional individual. With great difficulty and courage, he decides to talk to his parents and that’s what this monologue is about…


Kabir: “Mom, Dad, firstly, I want you to know that I love you both a lot! Whatever I am about to say, does not mean I don’t respect you or value you. This isn’t about that. This is about me. It is about my dream! Please, please don’t think that I am letting you down. This is about my dream and I can’t shun away from it anymore. Dad, you inspire me to do my best, to learn more, be more and do more. But Dad, I have a personality of my own, I have a goal of my own and with all that you taught me, I want to live my dream!
No! I am not cheating you, I am not hurting you! But I can’t, I really can’t bury my dream to fulfill your incomplete dream which Bhaiyaa refused to do. It may seem to you like I am another failure, here to fail you once more. I want to tell you, it’s not that! All my school life and two years of Junior College, I lived your way! You said going for picnics was a waste of time, I didn’t revolt. You said leave all other subjects, focus only on maths and science, I did that too. You said going for movies and dinners are just a waste of time and don’t have anything to do with living a good life, I agreed. I barely have any friends, but I have a dream, Dad! And I want to fulfill that dream!
Yes, Maths and science are wonderful, but I hate it! I hate it from every bone in my body, I am sorry, I never told you before! I was too afraid, I’d hurt you! Maths and Science might be the master of all subjects, but they bog me down. They belittle me! It feels like those numbers and science experiments are laughing at me, mocking me, mocking me to death! A death from which I can never come back! Do you want that, Dad?
I have been dying every day, but now I want to live! Dad, did you ever know, I love to paint. The brushes are like autumn to me and colours are like the winter due, comforting and soulful. A fresh canvas is like a garden full of fireflies, provoking my imagination and coaxing me to create a masterpiece. I have a book full of my art, which I have been hiding from you. I wish I could show it to you and watch your reaction… Dad, I want to be an artist. Don’t hate me Dad! I will still be a scientist, a scientist of colour, creation and imagination! A kind that no one ever heard of!
Mom, Dad, please don’t abandon me like you abandoned Bhaiyaa! I love you way too much for that! I want to live my dream with you by my side, with you as a part of my journey! And maybe one day, this story too will be on my canvas! I am asking you’ll to try, to think about me and my dream!
I know you’ll think artists are not respectful people, or they are far lesser than a scientist, professor or engineer. But what can I do, I fell in love with art, it was love at first stroke! I hope you understand what I am saying. This must be killing you now, but I don’t want my unfulfilled dream to kill me later! I don’t want to repeat the cycle of this displeased dream, when I become a parent. I don’t want to be the one forcing the next generation to live my dream; Instead, I want to be the one pushing them to live their dreams, because I lived mine!
Mom, Dad, I want to carve this world in rainbows! Will you be the clouds I need for support?”


Poetry for the soul

Hello Folks! Today I am about to talk to you about something I love, something through which I express myself and my experiences. It’s Poetry I am talking about!
We all find peace in different things and my peace lies in poetry. Like the book series named Chicken Soup for the Soul, for me it is Poetry for the soul.

Let’s begin this blog with a poem:
Words sway with me,
Words sing to me,
I cannot resist their charm,
I embrace them with open arms.

I have been writing poetry for a year now and it has taught me so much. It is today that I am putting down what poetry has taught me:


Poems have taught me to express myself freely and boldly. It has taught me to leave aside my inhibitions and express.

A vent:

Poetry has been a companion, a friend to me. When I couldn’t talk to someone about how I felt, I could pen it down in poetry. There were times when I felt some things are better left unsaid, even at such times poetry didn’t leave my side. Poetry has been a beautiful vent to my emotions and my thoughts.

No restrictions:

As a child and until two years back, I thought poetry means rhymes and short verses, like most of you would have thought. In this journey of exploring and writing poems, I realized there is so much more to it. Poems do not have to rhyme and they need not be short always. There are different types of poems and each have a charm of their own. To name a few, the types of poems include sonnet, limerick, couplet, haiku, narrative and free verse.

Types of poets:

Like there are different types of poems, there are different types of poets as well. There are the ones who are traditional poets and follow the traditional form of writing a poem, with a particular rhyme scheme and rhythm. Then there are those who are called the Romantic poets. Romantic poetry is the poetry of the Romantic era. Romanticism describes a movement in the history of culture, an aesthetic style, attitude and spirit. Romanticism involved a revolt for the search of freedom in political, personal and artistic life. So, Romantic poets are the ones who came in and broke the traditional barriers of poetry. Their form of poetry was narrative and free verse where they wouldn’t follow a rhyme scheme or rhythm and yet they had their own charisma. Sir William Wordsworth was a roaring name in the list of Romantic poets, in England.

The Poetic effect:

Poetry gave me the privilege to use the English language differently and that’s what we call the poetic effect. When a sentence can be written straight, but it is written in inversion, that is poetic effect. When words are repeated, it is alliteration for poetic effect. When a harsh reality is wrapped in metaphor, it is euphemism for poetic effect. The poetic effect is what adds beauty and elegance to poetry.

My favorite poet:

I have known myself to be more of a Romantic poet. It is rare that I use a rhyme scheme in my poems. I like poetry that is bold and courageous. I like poetry that may seem outrageous to some yet gutsy to many. I found one such poet and of course he is my favorite! It is none other than the mighty Charles Bukowski and among all his poems; I can never seem to forget ‘The Bluebird’. I have read one of his novels, his first novel, ‘Post Office’. A story so ordinary, yet compelling and bold.

Poetry is now a part of me. I breathe poetry. Like ink flows out from a pen, poems flow out of me.
In this deep love for poetry, I watched a movie called ‘The Dead Poet’s Society’, and a quote from the movie lives with me every day. It says, ‘But Poetry, beauty, romance, love… these are what we stay alive for’. And it is true, we live for these!
Poetry has taught me a lot, and I am sure it has a lot to teach you too. Pick up your pen or lay your fingers on your keyboard, and let the magic begin.
The world of poetry shall entice you, embrace you and conquer your soul!


Into the World of the deaf and mute

Hello Folks!

I am back, and this time to bring to you something different. Did you know? Today is World Deaf Day. The last Sunday of September is celebrated as world deaf day. Yes! The deaf and mute have a world of their own. A way of life and perspective that none of us can ever have. It is a day to celebrate them and this blog post is a dedication to them.

Let’s step into the world of the deaf and mute to learn interesting facts about them:

Deaf culture:

Most people think deafness is just an inability to hear. Wherein, for the deaf it is about belonging to a community with its own values, history and culture.

Distinct Sign language:

Sign language isn’t universal. American Sign Language is used in Canada and U.S. But most countries have their own unique sign languages. These unique sign languages have their histories and origins separate from the histories of their countries’ spoken languages.

Direct approach :

The deaf and mute have a very direct approach with people. They can be very direct about the comments they make or the questions they ask. These will be most probably considered rude by hearing people. Deaf people comment on what occurs to them first and what is obvious. For them, not doing so means being aloof and uncaring.

No secrets:

The deaf and mute are very open when it comes to information sharing. It is a part of the deaf culture and being a close-knit community. They don’t keep any secrets and will not hesitate to talk about personal topics even with people they don’t know. This trait is known as information sharing in the deaf culture and it is valued a lot.

Better drivers:

The worldwide assumption is that deaf and mute people cannot drive. However, this turns out to be far from true. Surprisingly, deaf people are better drivers than hearing people. This is probably due to the fact that driving is an activity that requires visual attention and peripheral vision. This proves to be an advantage for the deaf community.

Look into your eyes:

If you observe closely, deaf and mute individuals look into each other’s face and eyes while they communicate. When they use the sign language, you will never see them looking down at their hands. They believe facial expressions are a very integral part of effective communication and looking elsewhere can hinder the same.


In order to get someone’s attention, deaf and mute people may tap on your shoulder, bang the table or clap. They do this with an aim to cause vibrations and draw our attention through them. If we hearing people want to draw their attention, it is very rude to wave our hands in front of their face. It would be better if we tap on their shoulder respectfully.

Call them deaf and nothing else:

The deaf and mute or hard of hearing people who use the sign language to communicate prefer to be called ‘Deaf’. They do not like it when referred to as ‘hearing impaired’. It implies that something is impaired or broken but it isn’t that way. It is just that they use a unique means of communication and they are proud of it.

Observant and intelligent:

The deaf and mute are sharp observers and have an above average intelligence quotient. The man who invented shorthand, John Gregg, was deaf. This definitely shows their commendable intellectual level.

Long life:

Statistics prove that deaf people live longer than hearing people.

Distance no barrier:

Deaf and mute people can talk in sign language across great distances without the use of any amplifications. Such is the power of sign language; distance is no barrier to them.

Interesting indeed! We must acknowledge that deaf and mute people can work, vote, pay bills, enjoy deaf music, they can do what anyone else can – except hear. They are differently abled and that makes them special. They are in no manner broken or impaired. They are stronger than any of us can ever be, mentally and emotionally.
Today is their day, today is World Deaf Day! I feel proud to know a little more about them and the deaf culture through this blog post of mine.

As this day ends, I salute the deaf and mute on World Deaf Day! We must celebrate their strength, independence and intelligence.
To celebrate this World Deaf Day, I urge you all to visit a restaurant in Powai called ‘Mirchi and Mime’. It is a place where the deaf and mute serve food in the most humble and gracious manner. It is a must visit for the beautiful experience brought to the table by the deaf and mute staff.
Plan your week with this little celebration of World deaf day in mind.



Lanka diaries

Hello Folks!

It’s been a while I wrote in this space. Sorry, to keep you’ll waiting! But, as they say better late than never. Here, I am writing about my first International trip to Sri Lanka. It was in February that I visited the pearl of the Indian Ocean, the beauty and the beaches are unmatched. Somehow I was unable to write about this trip before. So here it is now:

Lanka Diaries

I will take you through the journey and the destinations in Sri Lanka. I was there for 4 days with a group of friends and we covered the Southern part of Sri Lanka.


Colombo has a beauty of its own. The local train ride was a joy never experienced before! We met a man playing the flute in the train. He touched our hearts with his melodies and to our surprise, he knew all the golden era Hindi songs. He didn’t understand English but he knew when we were requesting him to play our favorite melodies as we cheered along. This experience surely proved language is no barrier, if you really wish to spread joy. Another lovely thing about Colombo was that the sea and the rail tracks were along side each other. We could sit by the sea and watch the trains pass by, and we could travel in the train relishing the gentle breeze from the sea. Also, the sunset at Colombo is mesmerizing, the kind I’ve never seen before, the kind you read about in books.

Kataragama, Yala:

This was our second destination. We reached Kataragama at 2 am and were received by a huge safari jeep. Amused as we were looking at it, we were eager to get to bed. We dared and enjoyed the privilege to live amidst the wild. 6 am in the morning we left in the amusing jeep for our safari. It was my first safari ever! We met the elephants, the little creatures, the peacock and last but not the least, the leopard.The thrill of looking at the leopard was amazing! The safari ended with a beautiful 10 minutes at the beach. We were trying to get a jump in the air picture and a Chinese tourist volunteered to help us. He clicked the perfect picture for us.


The third destination we headed to was Galle. Not knowing what it had in store for us, we moved forward. As soon as we set foot in Galle, our eyes fell upon the Galle International cricket stadium. The stadium where International cricket matched are played. We were beyond excited to be standing there at the place where legends have proven their mettle time and again! From there, our eyes fell upon the pretty Galle fort. From the top of the fort lies a beautiful view of the stadium. Awestruck by this we headed to our hotel. As we reached there and left our bags in one room, it was a different kind of happiness to see the beach and the beach shacks. We spent all afternoon walking around the streets of Galle, and oh my! My feet may have been tired, but my heart asked for more of the picturesque streets of Galle! In the evening, we sat by the beach, playing games. As I stood by the waves for a long time, it felt like the waves, the lashes were giving me warm hugs and that for me was  a ‘hello from the other side’. We slept in the beach shack listening to the soothing crash of the waves and waking up to that was wonderful. With that, we bid goodbye to Galle.


This wasn’t on our itinerary but the locals told us you must not miss Hikkaduwa. We decided let’s go for it. As we left from Galle we stopped at Hikkaduwa for snorkeling. The relaxed atmosphere at the beach brought a smile on our faces, we were thinking this is exactly like we see in the movies. However, our agenda was different. We weren’t there to relax or sun bathe, we were there for snorkeling. While I thought we would be trained for that, we weren’t. We were just given our gear, life jacket and we headed to the center of the Sea in a boat. Well, I must mention I am afraid of water and I don’t know a even bit of swimming. Yet, I decided to face my fear and take the plunge.

When the moment came to jump into the sea, I went numb. With some coaxing, I jumped, and the minute I was in the water, I felt the sea would swallow me. Slowly I gained composure with some help, stayed in the water, felt the waves, felt the current of the sea. I tried to see the beauty below, I could relish very little. I may not have seen the corals in the sea of Sri Lanka, but I sure as hell faced my fear, eye to eye. I was in the sea, this time it was me saying hello to the waves!


Bentota was our last and final destination. The end of the trip had come and the end had to be grand. So far in the trip, we had lived in the jungle, we lived by the beach and now it was time to live like the Kings. We lived in a villa, the Namo Villa. It was a beautiful house with a small courtyard, a swimming pool and pretty rooms. After our encounter with the sea, this was a perfect relaxation for us. We took a warm bath and headed to the local market for shopping. The locals at the store were extremely friendly and when they saw us buying in bulk, they gave us a discounted rate for everything we bought. We spent the evening relaxing by the pool. Our last day in Sri Lanka was also the day there was a India vs Sri Lanka match. We won the match, cheered for the same and bid goodbye to Sri Lanka, in a warm and grand way.

This being my first international trip, it was a great experience. Sri Lanka doesn’t seem very different from India, it is a blend of our Kerala and Goa. The beaches are sure to steal your heart away! And I must mention, the locals are very warm and helpful, even though they do not know English. For the non-vegetarians, the sea food here is great!

We had four days in hand and we could cover the Southern part of Sri Lanka. If you intend to visit Sri Lanka with more number of days, you must definitely visit Kitulgala for white water rafting and  the Ravana temple.

Sri Lanka is a great place to be. What are you waiting for? Come on, get packing already!



Abused!: You or me?

Hello folks! It’s been a while I wrote a blog post… Shuffling between the mundane, somehow days went by, too soon. But, here I am, writing my 7th blog post. This one’s going to be an open letter. An open letter, that some may say didn’t have to be written, but I am going ahead and doing so because I really want to. Because, I think there is nothing I have to hide. So, let’s begin….

Abused!: You or me?

You gutless, spineless monster! You chose to attack when I was vulnerable, when I was unarmed and helpless. That itself speaks volumes, of who you are and your malady to snatch a woman’s dignity. You intruded into my privacy thinking you would be encouraged and I wouldn’t say a thing, I wouldn’t raise a voice. Well, you were mistaken! You messed with the wrong person, you should be thanking your stars you are standing alive today!

Your filth could never inflict me! You had the audacity to deny it all, and sadly everybody chose to believe you. You didn’t have the valor to accept your heinous act, you couldn’t even look into my eyes, and yet you continued to deny and you were believed.

You know what this shows? It shows that you are abused in every way, in every form and you can never take my dignity from me! It’s not me who is abused, but you are definitely abused and encompassed in heaps of dirt, you can never look beyond. You will never be free from my curse, remember that!

And to the people who heard everything and did nothing, who didn’t move a finger saying we are not the ones to take a decision here, thank you! Wondering why am I saying thank you? Well, at least now I know you’ll are those people I can never count on! You’ll are those people who will never take a stand! And moreover, you’ll are those people who talk about taking a stand and doing something only because it makes you look wise on social media. I can say this because I saw what you’ll did when you needed to take a stand, you’ll did nothing! That’s your choice, your incapacity and your cowardice. You made it all a trivial affair, that makes you big time losers.

It wasn’t easy for me, not even for a minute! Every minute I’d feel what if he tried again? Even though I didn’t want to think about it, I would be pushed back into that gross moment where he touched me. Yet I stood strong, I was my only protector, my only shield! I said all that I wanted to say, I would smile despite the volcano inside me. And hell yeah! that makes me braver than you had imagined!

A lot of people stay mum, I am glad I chose to stand my ground! I am a winner and nobody can take that away from me!!

I had decided sometime back, that I would write this open letter, it took me sometime to get through it…. I wrote it because I want everybody to know that just because someone succumbed to their desires, they cannot get away with it! No way!!




The Raging Avengers

Hello Folks! And here I am writing my 6th blog post. This one’s different from the others, and is a long read. It is a short story that I wrote a few days back, for a competition. I kept pondering if I should put it up as my next post, and here it is…. Read on, I hope the story thrills you, engages you, and leaves you with a thought of strength and boldness. Here you go…..

‘The Raging Avengers’

In the middle of the flight, Kiara woke up to go to the washroom. When she returned, she was too lazy to push her way into the middle seat. And with Rishaan readily offering to shift seats, the seating arrangement changed. With 20 minutes still remaining for the flight to land, a sleep starved Kiara took another power nap, this time holding Rishaan’s right hand more firmly. Rishaan’s other hand, though, nervously moved to touch Diya’s. Her heart skipped a beat. Diya pulled her hand away. But a defiant Rishaan held her wrist again, this time firmly and more reassuringly. The changing behavioural dynamics between the three perhaps gave out a foreboding of what was to come in Goa.

When the flight landed at the Dabolim Airport, Rishaan felt uncanny, his excitement seemed replaced by an unknown fear that he found very difficult to decipher. His emotions were unexplainable, the turmoil inside him was tremendous and his eyes couldn’t believe what he saw. Rishaan for the first time ever, wished if he could run away from that place and that moment.

Rishaan was numb and his mind shuffled back to the summer of 2014. They were in college, young and happy, excited to explore the unexplored. Rishaan and his closest buddies made the most happening group in college. Everyone eyed them, everyone wanted to be a part of the group, though a very few of them made it there. Like most groups do, this group too had their favorite hangout spot, their favorite movies and common interests. And of course, being in their senior year ragging and bullying the first years was their priority.

Kiara, a shy introvert girl had just stepped into college and was beginning to open up to her classmates. One morning when she entered college, she was cornered by Rishaan along with his gang. They began to tease her, nag her about her hair and clothes. They passed nasty comments about her appearance and her weight. One of them said ‘Even our maid would dress better than you!’ and they all laughed in unison. Kiara was taken aback, she was shell shocked. After this instance, she gained composure with great effort and would avoid running into this gang.

But, Kiara being sensitive and emotional, this incident had left her confidence shaken and her nights sleepless. She then made a firm decision to talk to the college Dean. Kiara made her move the very next day, she spoke to the Dean. Fuming with anger, the Dean suspended the entire gang for a week. Kiara rejoiced, as she was happy that action was taken and she was heard. But little did she know that the nightmare had just begun.

A week past by peacefully and Kiara was enjoying college. Just then, the gang was back in college. And this time they weren’t joking and laughing, they were soaked with the intent to avenge Kiara. They waited for the perfect moment and jabbed at her while no one was around. Kiara tried to escape, but all in vain. Not thinking even once, they pinned Kiara down, tied her hands, held her tight, and smashed her hands and legs with a heavy wooden rod. She screamed and howled in pain, though the screams went unheard even by the walls. They left Kiara lying there wounded and bloody. Kiara was strong, even in excruciating pain she made it to her hostel and asked her roommate to help her to the Doctor.

For the next few days, Kiara did not attend college. She remained in her hostel and dressed her injuries. In the time that her wounds healed, the scars in her mind would never be erased. She would break into tears, wake up startled in the middle of the night, screaming in pain, of that memory. There was a fire inside her, she would not let that die. Kiara decided to go back to college and she decided to destroy the gang! It would be her turn to ruin them.

The next morning when Kiara reached college, she made her first move. She faced the gang and apologized to them, she said ‘ I got you’ll wrong. Maybe you’ll were just having fun, I took it too far. I am sorry!’ They looked at her, laughed at her like they did before, this time she laughed along. This took them by surprise and the first step of friendship began. Kiara had started being with them all the time, she began to know each of them deeply. One thing, she noted was Rishaan was everybody’s mind, what he said the gang would do. He was the one with the nasty mind, extremely confident with a sky soaring self opinion. Kiara now knew the group dynamics too well and she decided to avenge Rishaan brutally.

Midst all this, Rishaan had fallen for Diya, who was part of the gang. He would do anything for Diya, she meant the World to him. Kiara made up her mind to use this to her advantage. Diya had been a loner all her life, she was overwhelmed to have a set of friends and a close knit gang. Kiara began to spend long hours with Diya, leaving no time for her with Rishaan. They had the perfect girl bonding, impeccable is what the others called it.

Kiara and Diya would spend the entire day together, bunk class, go out, go for movies. They were oblivious about what the others in the gang did or thought. Slowly, this girl bond grew to an attraction of another level. Kiara began to find comfort in this equation, though she was focussed on what she set out for. Diya, had found a companion in Kiara and there began their physical attraction. One night while they were drunk, Diya looked deeply into Kiara’s eyes and said ‘I love you!’ and they kissed. After which nothing was in control, they made love, full of emotions, it was tender and beautiful. Neither Kiara nor Diya had experienced such ecstasy before.

Months and years passed by and their love only grew. College was about to end, and it was time to make a decision. Very wisely and quietly, Kiara and Diya decided to move in together in Goa. They both decided to break the news to their families, and they wrote the letter. The only reply they received from their folks was to never come back again, and to never show their faces.

In all this time, Rishaan’s heart never gave up on Diya, he still had feelings for her. And this was when Kiara decided to strike. Kiara excitedly suggested that the entire gang should make a trip to Goa, for it is the last few days in college. And they planned the trip, booked the flight and were set to go!

In the middle of the flight, Kiara woke up to go to the washroom. When she returned, she was too lazy to push her way into the middle seat. And with Rishaan readily offering to shift seats, the seating arrangement changed. With 20 minutes still remaining for the flight to land, a sleep starved Kiara took another power nap, this time holding Rishaan’s right hand more firmly. Rishaan’s other hand, though, nervously moved to touch Diya’s. Her heart skipped a beat. Diya pulled her hand away. But a defiant Rishaan held her wrist again, this time firmly and more reassuringly. The changing behavioural dynamics between the three perhaps gave out a foreboding of what was to come in Goa.

When the flight landed at the Dabolim Airport, Rishaan felt uncanny, his excitement seemed replaced by an unknown fear that he found very difficult to decipher. The minute they stepped out of the airport, Rishaan saw a board that said ‘Diya loves Kiara’ and they kissed. Rishaan’s emotions were unexplainable, the turmoil inside him was tremendous and his eyes couldn’t believe what he saw. Rishaan for the first time ever, wished if he could run away from that place and that moment. He was shattered and his heart was torn apart in pieces. He went numb and Kiara walked up to him, she said ‘ This is for the scars you gave me, the wounds you gave me, the screams you ignored, this is my revenge. Your heart is in pieces, it can still be back together, my soul is hurt, for you ruined me.’

Kiara had tears in her eyes, she looked at Diya and said, ‘I want you to know, my love for you was never a pretense. I’ve loved you with all my heart and you know I had to do this’. Diya smiled and said, ‘Let’s go’. They walked away, leaving Rishaan broken, incomplete and dumbfounded. He was lost, unable to find himself. The rest of the gang came out too late, only to find Rishaan in a state of shock, shivering and shaking tremendously.

Vendetta is what they both breathed, one stronger than the other. One found love, the other lost love.




raging avengers,

For the love of Food

Hello Folks! This is my 5th Blog post and this one’s a dedication to all the foodies. They say ‘People who love to eat are always the best people’ and so I write, ‘For the Love of food’.

In the City that never sleeps and the City that moves quick, street food is the shortcut to everyone’s smile. Be it an outing with friends, a late night hunger pang  or a quick bite during office hours, street food is the way to go.

For all the food lovers, without further ado, here are the 6 best street foods in Mumbai:

  1. Sardar, Tardeo, Pav Bhaji – 5 minutes from Mumbai Central Station, Tardeo, is Sardar Pav Bhaji, the best Pav Bhaji you can ever have. The aroma of the Bhaji and the blob of butter are finger licking good, and irresistible. If you haven’t tried it yet, make your Food day out plan soon!
  2. Mamledar, Thane,Misal Pav – The cravings for Misal Pav are unpredictable and countless. It has to be spicy and make you teary eyed. That’s exactly how the Misal Pav served at Mamledar, Thane is. You are sure to smile and cry the tears of spice, at the very same time.
  3. Badshah, Crawford Market, Falooda – You definitely can’t miss the refreshing and lip smacking Faloodas at Badshah, Crawford market. It is the perfect rejuvenation after a tedious, tiring day. Badshah offers Faloodas in various flavors, the all time favorite being the rose flavor.
  4. Gurukripa, Sion, Samosa-Chole – For all those who love Samosas, and can eat them any time of the day, Gurukripa Sion must be your second home. The best Samosa – Chole in the City is served here and it’s been this way for years now. Gurukripa is always flocked with a queue, people waiting to gorge on their mouth watering dishes.
  5. Raju Bhai, Nerul, Pani Puri  – Who doesn’t love chaat? Pani Puri is the celebration of the evening, but there’s one thing, it has to be excellent! It has to make you crave for more, after the first plate. And there is one such place, you shouldn’t miss! Raju Bhai’s Pani Puri, Sector 19, Nerul. His Pani Puri is out of the World and he will serve you till you say your stomach is full, he never counts the number of plates.
  6. VidyaVihar West, Dosa – To many, Dosa may seem boring or too plain. But there’s one place that redefines Dosa, the Dosa stall at VidyaVihar West. His Dosa is crispy, buttery and the masala even better. His Cheese masala dosa and chilly cheese masala  dosa are extremely yummy, and you can’t stop with one.

Well, these are my favorite food pit stops in Mumbai. If you haven’t tried these delicious food corners, get going for the love of food!

Also, if you wish to add to this list, go on! I will be more than happy to add to the list….

May the Food be with you!


Leave it to destiny……

‘Marriages are made in heaven’ Well, this is a quote I’ve read a million times and heard a zillion times. Does it stand true? If yes, then why do we have a string of matrimonies flocking us? Destiny will make sure we meet the person who is meant to be, then why hunt for years together and disappoint ourselves? But yet, we do it, like we have an obligation to give business to the matrimonial sites!

In a country called India, with diverse cultures, beliefs and vast difference in opinions, an arranged marriage surely isn’t a joke! We have read and seen multiple cases where what to put up on the matrimonial site is a big fuss. I wonder, how one can decide whether to meet a person, or get married, looking at a photo and a brief description. It all seems like a facade to please the society.

Marriage isn’t about age, it isn’t about religion, it’s a life decision. It’s about the two individuals feeling cent percent sure of living with each other and growing old together. It’s about feeling that ecstasy looking at that person and feeling complete with him or her. The discussion of marriage sadly always begins with, Oh she has turned 24 or he has turned 27, it’s time to get them married. These are outlooks that only satisfy the society, the real discussion should be, have we found the right person yet? Has destiny done it’s job?

Arranged or love, a marriage may or may not last, there comes no guarantee with it. Even if you love someone, what are the chances that one day one of you will not fall out of love? The fact of life being, we come alone, we go alone. Everything else is an illusion.

Another question that hovers in my mind, ‘Is marriage the ultimate goal of life?’ Why can’t we have the choice of marrying or remaining a spinster or bachelor for life? Alas! We are highly concerned of what our neighbors will think of such a decision, what about our next generation and of course the prestigious family name. Marriage isn’t the center of life, we make it that.

They say, the more we try to seek something, the more we chase something, the more it distances from us. This holds true in case of people and love. The only thing we should ever chase is, our dreams.

Why can’t we pursue our passions, chase our dreams, plan some awesome vacations and leave finding our soulmate to destiny? This one thing,  am sure destiny can do for us. If we choose to believe that ‘God made us and he made the ‘one’ for us’, why try to track that person, why hunt?

Won’t it be magical if we find the ‘One’, by chance, unknowingly and unintentionally?


The sixth man by David Baldacci : Unpredictably thrilling!

Hello Folks!

While I just completed reading ‘The sixth man’ by David Baldacci, I thought of sharing my review for the book. Here is my review, applause and comments on this book, hoping to persuade you’ll to read it and share your views on the same.

Genre: Thriller

Title: The sixth man – A title very well thought of. When you look at the cover page, it makes you ponder why the title ‘The sixth man’ and by the end of the book, your question is certainly answered.

Special characters: Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, the former an Ex Secret services officer and the latter a lawyer. An inseparable, unmatched duo. They set out to solve something, but what if they get stuck in there? What if the odds are against them? Read the book, to find out.

The plot: A serial killer, Edgar Roy, has been arrested and is behind bars. But hold on, what if they’re wrong? There’s more to it, than meets the eye. A trail of terrifying events begin to unfold as Sean and Michelle try to get to the truth. Obstacles  and  half-truths are thrown at them. Do they make it till the end? Is Edgar Roy innocent? Do they ever find out? Want all these questions answered, read the novel, it’s compelling.

Review: The initial parts of the book are slow moving and a little confusing, as there are some technical aspects involved. From the middle of the book, the plot gets gripping and fast. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen next, David Baldacci outsmarts you with a new twist. Other things being equal, you don’t know who is playing whom.

The end is absolutely unpredictable and such that would have never occurred to you even once, a total surprise. The last few pages of the book are sure to make you feel like your heart is in your mouth!

Vocabulary: Not very difficult and is sure to enhance the language of the reader.

Rating: 4/5

I would recommend all thriller lovers and avid readers to read this book for sure! It makes you wonder, it makes you angry, it makes you analytical, it surprises you and definitely leaves you with a marvelous end!

Happy Reading 🙂