Invest in Yourself

Self love is the most fulfilling, rich form of love, invest in yourself and believe you are blessed!


The Dash

Hello Folks! Hope you all brought the Year in with a lot of positive vibes, dreams and beautiful energies! I hope the first month of 2018 has been wonderful for you! In my last blog I told you about 'My new comrade' - Yoga, you read it right? If you haven't here's the link: . Today,... Continue Reading →

A New Comrade!

Hey Hey! I know I said the last time that I was hibernating and I'd be more regular with my posts, that I won't make you wait this long.... And I didn't keep my promise! Sorry! Give me another chance, please oh please? I will keep you engaged with killer posts, I swear, really, no... Continue Reading →

Kabir- The Artist: A Monologue

Hey Hey Folks! I know, I know! It's been a long time I wrote a post and you thought I disappeared. Well, the good news is, I didn't. Let's just say, I was hibernating for a bit. Okay? So, Here I am today, with an urge to try something that I haven't tried before. It... Continue Reading →

Poetry for the soul

Hello Folks! Today I am about to talk to you about something I love, something through which I express myself and my experiences. It’s Poetry I am talking about! We all find peace in different things and my peace lies in poetry. Like the book series named Chicken Soup for the Soul, for me it... Continue Reading →

Lanka diaries

Hello Folks! It's been a while I wrote in this space. Sorry, to keep you'll waiting! But, as they say better late than never. Here, I am writing about my first International trip to Sri Lanka. It was in February that I visited the pearl of the Indian Ocean, the beauty and the beaches are... Continue Reading →

Abused!: You or me?

Hello folks! It's been a while I wrote a blog post... Shuffling between the mundane, somehow days went by, too soon. But, here I am, writing my 7th blog post. This one's going to be an open letter. An open letter, that some may say didn't have to be written, but I am going ahead... Continue Reading →

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